Wordzplay To The Future And Beyond…

Good evening, this is Kiran Johal and I have some interesting points to guide you to buying a box of Wordzplay. This stems from my own situation in terms of applying for jobs and how fundamental having a good concept of the English Language is for future job prospects. With most competitive jobs, after passing the initial stage some will be invited to attend an online assessment, comprised of Verbal Reasoning as well as Numerical Reasoning. In preparation for the assessment, I found it was very useful to sift through the words contained in the Wordzplay box (Aged 13-16 English) and doing this would give me a great advantage. I found that looking at the more difficult words (such as: repudiate, ascertain and mitigate) made me feel a lot more prepared for the Verbal Reasoning assessment. In most of these tests, they will use difficult words in the passage in order to test people’s competency for the job in question and deter them from understanding the meaning behind the text. I also used the play cards and tried to see if I could find the correct words to fill in the gaps to add context to the words. If an individual is able to know what these words mean, then when faced with an unknown text, they can begin to unravel and link greater understanding and hopefully successfully answer questions related to it.

Kiran K. Johal

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