Wordzplay At The Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth Park- 26/04/2015

Hello all,

Last weekend, the Wordzplay team were at the Vaisakhi Mela in Handsworth Park. Along with the beautiful, warm weather, the day had also brought on many successes. For one, we were very pleased to welcome the Lord Mayor of Birmingham to our stall, whereby he granted his approval of Wordzplay! Enjoy these pictures and we hope to see you all in upcoming events that the team will be a part of.

Kind Regards,

The Wordzplay Team

2015-04-26 09.57.56 2015-04-26 09.59.01 2015-04-26 09.59.11 2015-04-26 13.11.06 2015-04-26 13.13.09 2015-04-26 13.58.26


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