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Wordzplay is the future.

This product is innovative and intelligent. Working in the City and having to deal with executives and high ranking individuals it is imperative you are well spoken and can write a constructive email, although this product has been marketed for the younger person, I feel it’s an excellent vocabulary builder for adults too. 5 star product and quality, Wordzplay can give you and your children a jumpstart in life. Brilliant buy.

- Joty Chahal, London, UK

This is a quality piece of kit no cheap tat… Well built, strong and flexible and the content is fantastic… I’m tempted to bring it into work with me but scared I may never see it again. I will be purchasing another set and can recommend this product… You won’t have any regrets.

- Sir Kev, Birmingham, UK

I purchased this product – the English 13-16 range, out of wanting to enhance my vocabulary spectrum. At first glance it seemed like a fantastic prospect, almost as though someone’s hope for a better future all lied in the box. I was very impressed with the ‘Word of the Week’ concept, it offered an approachable long term aim for the consumer to try and engage with one new word a week. The idea of playing cards to put the words into context I thought was fundamental. It is ok learning a word but the real issue lies with being able to apply it to real life contexts and only where appropriate. Definitely I would recommend this product to any one hoping to better their understanding of the English language in a user friendly way.

- Kiran Johal, Birmingham. Student.

Recently purchased a box for my 12 year old son, and I am pleased to say “it does exactly what it says on the tin” i.e. makes learning fun!
I won’t be the first parent to say that toys and other learning tools are prone to wear and tear as times goes on, however, I feel this product will last that little bit longer as the magnetic cards are made out of material which is flexible but robust at the same time. Would highly recommend this to any parent.

- Nicky, Berkshire, UK

These durable magnetic word cards had a wide selection of words to choose from and really helped improve my written English when doing my written GCSE exam. I particularly liked the ‘Test & Play’ cards to reinforce my learning and by putting a word of the week on my fridge.

- Nicola, Harrow, UK

A really great product which helps an individual think outside the box, build an advanced English vocabulary. Wordzplay have a fantastic product range which proves priceless when it comes to educating your family and making it fun at the same time!

- Sharon, Tunbridge Wells, UK

This product has developed my language skills. I can’t believe how much it has helped me getting a job. I was able to converse with the interviewer and use words that I wouldn’t normally use. He was so impressed that I got the job – it’s a must guys!!

- Mrs Kaur, Southall, UK

Just took a look at Wordzplay and it is fantastic! Aidan (my grandson) will enjoy it. I like the use of the “Part of Speech” to help clarify how it can be used in a sentence. The grouping is an added value as it provides a frame of reference that helps the student make a connection to that group aiding in the comprehension.

- Yvette Furlonge, USA.