My Own Personal Take On Wordzplay

Hello, I am Kiran Johal aged 18 & I have taken a keen interest in the Wordzplay range and the sort it has to offer. As a previous student myself, I understand how fundamental it is to enrich a child’s vocabulary from the outset of their primary years. Even learning one new word a day can make a remarkable difference to a child’s overall understanding of the English Language. As I myself have sat GCSE’S in the past, I know how important good levels of English are in being able to pass exams. Even GCSE Science had been reformed, meaning that it wasn’t all just a paper consisting of multiple choice, but that your ‘QWC’ would be assessed (Quality of Written Communication) and even Maths papers that I could remember sitting would have questions of this type on them. Therefore, educational reforms of this type had pushed the need for English to be assessed on a paper too. One thing I learnt from my studying years, is that it is all well learning content from a textbook but then being able to use theory to answer a question in an articulate and fluent manner was another story. Simply regurgitating learnt information from a classroom wasn’t the way to be at the top of the grade boundary, but being able to craft it in your own unique style would be the way to differentiate you from a lower graded candidate.

Kiran K. Johal


  1. Neha Purba

    I think wordzplay is a great initiative encouraging the ability of younger children being able to use more advanced vocabulary and dialect. This not only helps them personally but it massively benefits their future ahead and English Language is valuable when it comes to taking GCSE’s as well as further education as Kiran has already mentioned. Being well spoken is something which employers are increasingly looking for and I believe wordzplay is a perfect tool to help and encourage children to use more sophisticated language from a younger age.

    Neha Purba

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