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At Wordzplay we are passionate about education and improving an individual’s knowledge base, skill set and confidence alike. This can be achieved by applying simple learning techniques on a daily basis to help with improving English.

For over two decades we have worked within the education industry, working towards assisting children with their 11 plus exams and GCSE level exams. This has enabled us to understand the areas of weakness and as a result establishing methods to help parents find new ways to teach their children using different techniques and learning styles, helping them ‘push those barriers’ and instil greater confidence from a younger age.

We believe that every individual should be given the opportunity to improve themselves and the way they communicate, gearing them towards achieving acceptance in the school of their choice, with a lot of parents hoping their children receive a place at a Grammar School.

Wordzplay was founded to provide learning tools that can help build a good foundation in literacy skills and improving English to reach an above average comprehensive language base. The results being; a greater understanding of language, improved conversational skills as well as better educational results, all which add great value to the individual’s future.

The ability and confidence an individual gains in speaking better English can thoroughly improve his or her chances of success in many aspects of life, being; job interviews, delivering a sales pitch, or carrying out a presentation to an audience. Building a high standard of English vocabulary is key to the team at Wordzplay and teaching children and adults alike is what drives us.