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Do you sometimes struggle with finding ways to teach your children at home? Let’s face it most children want to believe that learning only happens in the classroom, as home-time means play-time. The WORDZPLAY range is an effective way to educate an individual whilst keeping it fun and informal.

The WORDZPLAY range has been developed to enhance vocabulary and improve language skills. Learning can be fun and our products can prove just that! The product range has been designed for a variety of age groups making it suitable for each key stage of an individual’s learning.

We have put together a collection of magnetic cards displaying a ‘word of the week’ along with the pronunciation, a selection of synonyms and an example sentence to help understand each word.

It doesn’t stop there! We have also included a set of ‘Test & Play’ containing an abundance of sentences where key words are missing leaving the individual to guess the missing word.


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Our Products


English age 5 – 8


English age 9 – 12


English age 13 – 16


Punjabi – General Words


Punjabi – Body Parts, Fruit & Veg, Family Members